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To achieve our mission, vision, and goals, the OIPEP developed an “IPEP” framework for the intentional engagement of students, faculty, and staff in interprofessional endeavors across campus:

Infrastructure: The underlying foundation for OIPEP includes the establishment of an infrastructure that strengthens collaboration through processes, networks, and systems to support sustainable integration of IPEP activities.

Partnerships: Strong partnerships are formed when individuals and groups come together to advance their mission, vision, and mutual interests. OIPEP believes that we are BETTER TOGETHER through our partnerships.

Education: It is through education that we can create a cultural shift to advance OIPEP’s mission, vision, and goals.

Programs: Programs are a direct outcome of the above “IPE” framework

The Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice (OIPEP) supports a campus-wide initiative for the intentional integration of interprofessional learning and collaboration. The purpose of the Office is to design and support creative and meaningful ways to enhance student learning, build faculty scholarship and help departments meet accreditation goals.