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Relational Leadership @ Carolina is excited to announce a new addition to our growing catalog of programs! We will offer our Relational Leadership Institute as a weekly workshop series from August 21 through October 30, 2024. The series will consist of 11 in-person sessions of 2 hours each. Each session will include brief didactics, large group discussion, and small breakout group work. Participants will complete asynchronous assignments between sessions, including skills practice and individual reflections on curricular content.

  • Session #1 (August 21, 2024, 3-5pm): Welcome, RL Framework & Psych Safety
  • Session #2 (August 28, 2024, 3-5pm): Narrative Leadership: Story of Self
  • Session #3 (September 4, 2024, 3-5pm): One-to-Ones
  • Session #4 (September 11, 2024, 3-5pm): Power and Positionality
  • Session #5 (September 18, 2024, 3-5pm): Culture of Feedback
  • Session #6 (September 25, 2024, 3-5pm):: Teaming and 5Dynamics
  • Session #7 (October 2, 2024, 3-5pm): Collaborative Decision Making
  • Session #8 (October 9, 2024, 3-5pm): Transforming Conflict: Diagnosis
  • Session #9 (October 16, 2024, 3-5pm): Transforming Conflict: Communicating through Conflict
  • Session #10 (October 23, 2024, 3-5pm): Advocacy and Narrative Leadership: Story of Us & Now
  • Session #11 (October 30, 2024, 3-5pm): Commitments and Closure

The total time commitment for participants is expected to be 26-28 hours, in parity with the 4-day in-person and Zoom-based Relational Leadership Institutes. All sessions will take place on the UNC-CH campus (space TBD). For information on cost and registration, visit our website at, or email us at!

Relational Leadership Institute


Relational Leadership Institute is a four-day, intensive, participatory learning experience that focuses on both large group didactic and discussions, as well as practice sessions in small groups that work together throughout the cohort. Participation in all four days is required.


In our efforts to make Relational Leadership programming accessible to everyone in the UNC community, Relational Leadership @ Carolina will offer 10 seats in our in-person Fall 2024 Relational Leadership Institute cohort for $1500 per seat to UNC community members whose sponsoring units are unable to support the regular registration fee of $2750.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Josh Hinson ( with the following:

  • A document from your supervisor confirming that you will be able to attend all four dates, and that your time will be protected during those dates so that you can attend the whole session (i.e., reasonable assurance that you will not be called away during any portion of the session for clinical, teaching, or other duties).
  • A brief statement of your interest in attending a Relational Leadership Institute: How do you hope that the Relational Leadership Institute will contribute to your professional development? What opportunities to implement relational practices do you anticipate having in your current work teams?

Furthermore, we will offer all seats in our Summer 2024 Relational Leadership Institute on Zoom for $750 per participant.

Upcoming cohorts are:


Summer 2024 Relational Leadership Institute

June 3-4 and 13-14, 8:30 am-4:30 pm each day (on Zoom)

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Fall 2024 Relational Leadership Institute

October 21-22 and November 21-22, 8:30 am-4:30 pm each day (in person)

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Spring 2025 Relational Leadership Institute

March 17-18 and April 10-11, 8:30 am-4:30 pm each day (in person)

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